Bruital orgasme

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"Duo dark et bruitiste, organique et érotique, mystérieux et un brin surréaliste. Un son intense et physique qui envahit tout notre corps autant par sa force que son pouvoir d'évocation. Un lien intelligent et réussi entre musique industrielle et électroacoustique. Une heureuse découverte."


"Dark & noisy duo, organic and erotic, mysterious & a bit surreal. An intense and physical sound that overran our whole body with its strength and its evocative power. An intelligent and successful link between industrial & electroacoustic music. A happy discovery"


"Their noise is extremely hectic and so overflowing with details it's pleasure to follow. Analogue synths, field recordings, glitchy noises, harsh distorsions, turntable, contact microphones, everything happening in short period of time. Composition doesn't get buried into pointless distorsion, but they use the qualities of actual sounds to make composition that olds you in grip easily through lenght of side. There are countless of things on the move, and new things arrive, either with natural flow or sudden cut to completly new realms. So much happened, that you feel tempted to instant re-play."

Mikko Aspa

"Dark droneological rumblings with abrasive feedback, swooping electronic effects & bursts of savage distorsion"

Crucial Blast

"An excellent variation of harsh (radio-) noise...A love to organise the noise"

Vital weekly

"Un approccio da cut up sonoro molto ricercato ed intelligente. Come sempre è il gusto che la fa da padrone in queste musiche"


"A very sophisticated and intelligent approach to cut up sound. As always it is the taste that makes the master in this kind of music"


"Sad & depressive noise played with a feedback full of tears & nightmares."

Young Girls Records