Bruital orgasme

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«Distort the signal into a communicative tension, reaching the bodily effects of noise as music… The sounds of roaring sea is not far from white noise, but is not considered unpleasant &irritating… Disturbance…Psycho-acoustic tests… To the point where harsh noise is not considered unpleasant demands a training of the senses, a lack of restraint, allowing all sounds to be music, emancipating noise from its mimetic function, abstracting it as purely aesthetic... Shifting the focus from the notes to the sounds, by setting music as layered organized sounds, an implosion of meanings into the sublime... A convulsive beauty... A sensuous impression... An overload of the nervous system, maybe reflecting our inner & outer chaos... Absorbing the listener into an ecstatic black hole... Just like an orgasm...»

Bruital Orgasme is Fil & Nath, from Belgium. They play with frequencies, sounds they record during their travels, home made sounds generators, modified devices, lost and found sounds from many sources (as old vinyls, turntables without records, radios, tapes...)

Past lives include performances in art galleries, cultural centers, artist residencies, music & art festival, in Russia, Canada, Turkey, Bulgaria, Netherland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, ...

In 2010, Bruital Orgasme have been commissioned a piece for the sound art gallery 'ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen' in Berlin (a 10 minutes composition played in loop 7 hours in the galery space).

They had released several sound pieces on various media, vinyl, tapes, floppy disc, Lathe records, cd & mini cd...

photo by Ivan Mathie